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Breaking foreign monopoly in China's large casting and forging manufacturing industry
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Import, import, import only! Ten years ago, China's machinery manufacturing industry suffered from the heavy casting and forging industry's dependence on imports: foreign enterprises borrowed the opportunity to raise prices, prices rose again and again, and delivery dates were delayed again and again

Now, this passive situation of being controlled by people as a whole has been basically reversed. Recently, the "11th Five Year Plan" key project of national science and technology support plan "key technology and equipment development of large-scale casting and forging manufacturing" has passed the acceptance, which marks that China has preliminarily realized the strategic technological breakthrough and industrial breakthrough of large-scale casting and forging industry.

With the continuous support of 10 years and the accumulated investment of scientific research funds of more than 1 billion yuan, China has systematically conquered a batch of key technologies for manufacturing large castings and forgings in nuclear power, hydropower, thermal power, marine diesel engine and other fields, formed a series of major products, and broken the monopoly of foreign countries. More and more "made in China" has been made for large castings and forgings in China!

Pain of neck sticking: even if you buy drawings, you can't make them

Since the tenth five year plan, with the rapid development of energy and power equipment, China's economy has an increasingly urgent demand for large castings and forgings. However, compared with developed countries, there is a big gap in the product variety, quality level, process level, manufacturing equipment and other aspects of large castings and forgings in China. Many products cannot be produced and are controlled by people.

For example, large marine crankshaft is the core component of marine diesel engine, which has long been dependent on imports. "Ship and other machinery, machinery and other shafts" has become one of the bottlenecks restricting the rapid development of China's shipbuilding industry. For example, the key large castings and forgings for nuclear power equipment in China, especially those for 1000MW nuclear power equipment, have never been produced and are all imported; more than 50% of the large castings and forgings for 300MW Thermal power unit are imported, and 90% of the large castings and forgings for 600MW thermal power unit are imported.

Industry insiders said that China's machinery manufacturing industry suffered from "import dependence" of large castings and forgings. Depending on import, the development of the whole industry is restricted by people: on the one hand, foreign suppliers have full pricing power, and the import price remains high; on the other hand, the progress of China's major project construction is subject to the delivery date of foreign large-scale casting and forging products.

"Even though our country buys some design drawings of equipment through the introduction of technology and knows the size and composition, we still can't make them, and the core key manufacturing technology can't be bought." Li Dongru, Deputy Secretary General of China Machinery Industry Federation and director of science and Technology Department, told Science and technology daily.

The urgent needs of national economic construction and major projects are in great contradiction with the low manufacturing capacity in China. Experts in the industry have repeatedly called for joint efforts to carry out localized research and development of special materials and special castings and forgings. Since the tenth five year plan, the Ministry of science and technology has made a series of arrangements for the research and development of domestic large-scale castings and forgings based on the 863 plan, research plan and support plan in the field of advanced manufacturing, and organized national advantageous forces to carry out technical research on key technologies and equipment for large-scale castings and forgings manufacturing.

In 2006, in the 11th Five Year Plan of national science and technology support, the key project of "manufacturing technology and equipment research and development of large castings and forgings" was arranged, mainly for the purpose of integrating the results of the early research of the 10th Five Year Plan and focusing on the manufacturing of large castings and forgings, aiming at the demand of large-scale nuclear power, hydropower, thermal power equipment, large-scale metallurgical rolling equipment and other major technical equipment in China Research on Key Technologies of super large press and large metallurgical equipment, master core technologies, own independent intellectual property rights, form group effect, and promote the whole industry to achieve a comprehensive breakthrough.

Comprehensive breakthrough in production technology of large castings and forgings

Focusing on the key technologies of development and production of typical large-scale castings and forgings, the scientific and Technological Department organized the domestic advantageous units to explore the key technologies in a planned and step-by-step way from three levels of technological breakthrough, product formation and industrial breakthrough. After nearly 10 years of accumulation and tackling key problems, by the middle and later period of the 11th five year plan, China's large-scale casting and forging production technology has made a comprehensive breakthrough, and a number of Representative Key Technologies of large-scale casting and forging have been conquered, and products have been formed, which are directly applied to the construction of large-scale projects in China

——In view of the super large castings and forgings required by large-scale advanced PWR nuclear power plant, the manufacturing technology of ap1000rpv key large castings and forgings has been developed, which makes the manufacturing technology of nuclear power forgings in China reach the international advanced level, and some forging product indexes exceed those of foreign countries. This breakthrough provides technical reserves for our country to design and manufacture cap1400 on the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing the most advanced third generation nuclear power AP1000 technology from abroad.

——Aiming at the large-scale Three Gorges hydropower unit, the key castings of the unit have been developed and manufactured, and the product quality has reached or exceeded the level of similar products abroad. China First Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd. and China Second Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd. each have the ability to produce 5 sets of large-scale key castings and forgings of hydropower units with an annual output of more than 700000kw and above, and have basically built a world-class large-scale hydropower casting and forging manufacturing base.

——In view of large-scale thermal power ultra supercritical units, high and medium pressure rotors, ultra pure low pressure rotors, cylinder bodies and high and low pressure composite rotors of gas turbine steam combined cycle units have been developed, which solved the key manufacturing technologies of large-scale thermal power critical castings and forgings, met the needs of localization, and achieved batch production.

——In terms of large-scale marine crankshaft, Dalian heavy industry lifting Group Co., Ltd. has solved many technical problems in manufacturing 70 and 90 types of marine crankshaft, which is a landmark

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