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What are the applications of Pressure Vessel Forgings in life
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Pressure vessel forgings are mainly used in chemical vessels, such as tubular heat exchanger, pressure vessel, boiler, condenser, central air conditioning, evaporator, desalination, which play the role of supporting and fixing the tubes. The metal material makes it not only has strong rigidity, but also has great heat conduction performance.

According to different environments and materials, Q345R vessel plates are generally used, such as primary and secondary pressure vessels, which are free of corrosive medium circulation. Carbon steel composite plates are suitable. In case of strong acid, high pressure, high temperature, nuclear energy and other environments, corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel, 16 manganese, titanium alloy and the application of new synthetic materials are needed, bringing new vitality to tube sheet products.

The structural design of pressure vessel forgings is based on equal strength, that is, the weld has the same strength as the adjacent base metal. Generally, the weld does not need to be larger than the weld size shown in the specification drawing. In the design and manufacturing process of Pressure Vessel Forgings, butt weld, fillet weld and lap weld are widely used.

With the development of new equipment and new materials, new welding processes and technologies are widely used. Learning and mastering these new technologies will help improve the welding quality of pressure vessel forgings.

Well, that's all about the application of pressure vessel forging. Through the above introduction, we can find that the application of pressure vessel forging in our life is very extensive, and it's an indispensable mechanical part. Jiangyin Longyu Forging Co., Ltd., 25 years of precision manufacturing, has realized the customized forging products with excellent quality, attentive service and continuous improvement processing technology Integration: its main products are wheel, cylinder, shaft, cylinder, block, module, support seat, pulley, sprocket, gear, ring gear, ring, flange and other forging products. And long-term cooperation with crane, petroleum, chemical, heavy industry, mine, metallurgy, hydraulic, coking, train, construction machinery and other enterprises, if there is a demand for this, welcome to contact!

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